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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Feudal Society -- Foundations of Political Thought -- Blog Post #8

Text: Bloch, Mark "Feudal Society" (excerpts)
Required Readings: xvii-xx, 3, 11-14,39-42, 52-6,69-75,79-87
Blog Statred: Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 3:43 p.m.

In these excerpts, Mark Bloch gives the reader an intricate retelling of the main historical events that occurred during the feudal era. He discusses, the fiefs (or property, often land), and the constant wars that ravaged the plains. There was "a profound decay of monasticism"(page 40), resulting in a lack of knowledge as the Church had the highest authority and power at the time. Books were burned and monasteries were pillaged. There also were a lack of methods to measure the duration of time passing (page 73), and what was available wasn't always accurate (i.e. sundials aren't very effective when it's cloudy or raining). The lords, who gained their revenues from the land given to their vassals, were impoverished (because of Vikings and other barbarians burning harvests and taking over with brute strength and intimidation) leaving peasants to fend for themselves with little currency and more often than not, they fell victim to disease & famine (pages 39-40). Low hygiene, poor life expectancy, and the insecurity of daily life caused great emo­tional instability.

The unjust acts committed against one's fellow man were simply appalling and atrocious. It must have been maddening for those living in the feudal era to live day by day not knowing if some band of rogues were to pillage their village or if they would be able to find their next meal. It is a most pitiable situation. Yet, if there is one solace, it is in knowing that the people of the feudal era were more closely connected with mother nature, relying on her grace and bounty (i.e. honey, berries, game).

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  1. David,

    You show the chaos of medieval society nicely. I'm not sure if relying on mother nature was always a comfort, though, if there were tornadoes or droughts.